* Energy suf(ef)ficiency .

As the world is moving towards green energy , greener pastures and the color green literally [ pantone color of the year 2017 ] I felt its time to understand what it means and look within our clothing industry . Let me confess , i am not an expert in green energy but would like to talk about what we do at metaphor racha .
Textile : We use only khadi fabric which requires negligible amount of energy to weave . These fabrics are woven locally , hence...

* The label itch

Have you ever bought a beautiful garment and when worn you realized it has an invisible razor blade at the back !! 

Well , i am talking about the labels here . I have noticed most often whether you are buying a garment which costs you 10,000.00 rs or 1,000.00 rs the label remains the same and i am not talking about the design , font or the name on the label  but the quality of the label itself . 

Even brands / designers who have dedicated line of clothing in organic cotton...

* What you are paying for.

MRP is not simply calculated by adding material cost to labor charges, it's more elaborate than that. 

As a small craft-based for-profit business, we have tried to learn the importance of pricing that is closer to consumers perceived value without devaluing the product, audience demography, attention in adapting to market & technological changes, strengths at production, relevance & the purpose of selling, unique aesthetics & innovative presentation of products & most importantly in recognizing 'designing business' which is often neglected.

A simplified pie chart shows the rest of the tangible investment on every purchase of yours. As an example - a hand...

* Bringing smile

We would like to introduce you to one of our weaver "Basavanyava Vadavi" , who is always enthusiastic and smiling . She is a mother of 3 children , her husband runs a "kaanavali" [ small hotel] 
She is a first generation weaver,weaving for the last 26 years and she is very proud to be working at a khadi institute as she says she is never out of work . We have noticed that she is a great team player , always helping her fellow weavers , eager...

* who weaves your fabric .

As a part of our ongoing efforts in bringing transparency in our business, one of the initiatives we have taken is to bring our team members to the forefront
                                              We introduce " kotreshi" our ever enthusiastic member , he handles the scouring , warping and beaming process in a khadi institute at a place called shirahatti .He is 52 years old and a first generation weaver, he has 3 children...