* Our studio

We, at metaphor racha work with many khadi co-operative societies in Karnataka. Though our block-printing and hand embroidery are outsourced, our tailoring workshop has always been in-house and very much in Bengaluru.

Last month, we had to shift our workshop and hence acquired a bit of additional space. So, we have converted this extra elbowroom into our studio.

Our renewed, metaphor racha studio space is not only meant for our customers to come by and touch - feel - try - buy our products and understand our work, but...

* Slow fashion

At a recent event, I was introduced to someone by a well-wisher saying, metaphor racha is all about "slow fashion". I stood there grinning awkwardly as I had no understanding of slow and fashion.

After recovering, I wikipediaed the term which said, slow fashion has to do with products made of good quality, champions clean environment, and fairness to both consumers and producers.

But shouldn't that be The NORMAL way of working? what is so SLOW about it? Is the word SLOW opposite to of FAST...

* Logo

Metaphor racha completed 9 years of business recently. There has been many small yet significant achievements and few disappointments at our work, but nevertheless all of them important enough to retrospect and celebrate.


These milestones are also an opportunity to acknowledge many hard-working people. Metaphor racha, as we believe is nourished and built by being truthful of whom we represent. The identity of who these people are, what they do, why and how they do it.


When we started working with craftspeople, we were neither a brand nor...

* Khadiness

Recently, a potential customer asked me " do you wear khadi all the time? " Head to toe and inside-out!


Though what I wear is immaterial, the question seems to be somewhat justified as I am in the business of selling products made from handspun and handwoven cotton fabric and talking about its importance.

The answer is no, not all the time and definitely not inside, yet.

While we are at discussing the 'material' khadi, let me tell you, I prefer to respect rural craftsperson...

* Saffron

One of the most expensive spices in the world is grown in many regions including Iran, Spain, France, Morocco, and Kashmir. The delicate flower blooms in the morning, wilts during the heat of the day and withers completely by evening. Hence, the three crimson stigmas which are the female sex organ in the center of the purple flower is hand plucked, early morning. The word saffron comes from the Arabic word 'zafaran'.
The flower comes under triploid variety, which means, they are self-incompatible and male-sterile...