From Trash to Treasure: Journey of Textile Upcycling at Metaphor Racha.

Welcome to the quirky realm of Metaphor Racha. Picture this: a heap of fabric scraps arrives every three months from the co-operatives of North Karnataka, resembling a colourful mosaic of chaos. We call it the "Trash to Treasure" operation, and here's how we do it.

1. The Grand Arrival:
The textile bits and pieces make a dramatic entrance, arriving by bus from North Karnataka. We buy them at a 10% markdown, and now, the majestic heap of fabric is ready for transformation.

2. The Sorting Saga:
Once the textile bits hit Bengaluru, it's sorting time. We categorize them into Soiled (aka in need of a spa day), fabric-damaged (the wounded soldiers), and ready-to-use (the chosen ones). It's like a textile reality show - who stays, who goes, and who gets a makeover!

3. The Spa Treatment:
Soiled fabrics undergo a luxurious hand-block printing or over-dying session, turning them from drab to fab. It's like a textile spa day, complete with rejuvenation and a touch of glamour.

4. The Patchwork Parade:
Damaged portions face the scissors, but fear not; they're patched up with love and care. It's like a fashion surgeon performing a delicate operation, saving the day one patch at a time.

5. The Industrial Wash Dance:
They go to the industrial wash for a de-sizing process, where starch and dirt bid farewell. We also take care of textile bleeding and shrinking because nobody likes surprises in the laundry.

6. The Polishing Unit Odyssey:
The debris detours to the polishing unit, where bits of fabric are stitched together, run between rollers, and steam pressed. It's like a textile spa treatment but for the scraps. And let's talk about something other than the nightmare of coordinating it all - DC and E-way bills included!

7. The Colourful Reunion:
Once back at our unit, our tailors work their magic, removing sutures and segregating the fabrics colourwise. The oh-wow-so-pretty ones get flat-seamed into gorgeous garments, while the who-would-wear-such-colours pile becomes charming Koudis, thanks to our hand quilters.

8. Nothing Gets Wasted:
We take pride in ensuring that nothing goes to waste. Printed ones and longer pieces become trims, too-coarse fabrics find a new home as linings for bags and pouches. It's a conscious consumption and care revolution.

In the world of Metaphor Racha, upcycling is not just about sustainability – it's a labour-intensive and slightly expensive adventure. We might go the extra mile, but it's all for sustainability and a greener planet. So, join us on this epic journey from trash to treasure.

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