Q1] Why have you stopped using the word 'khadi'?
MR: Respecting the government guidelines, we cease to use the KVIC trademarked word 'khadi' on any of our product descriptions.

Q2] Is Metaphor Racha a co-operative society or an NGO?
MR: Metaphor Racha is a proprietorship owned, for-profit company, working with many weaving co-operatives and craftspeople across the state of Karnataka. Our tailoring studio is based at Bengaluru.

Q3] What does Metaphor Racha mean? Is it Trademarked?
MR: "Metaphor" is a figure-of-speech English word applied to work or an object, whereas "Racha" is a short form of the Kannada word 'Rachane' meaning 'to create'. So the name Metaphor Racha signifies "A platform which is a metaphor to all the creative minds amongst rural craftspeople and urban artisans to reach to a wider audience". Yes, the company name is trademarked.

Q4] Is the cotton which you use is organic?
MR: Our cotton is not organic yet, but the rest of the work is. We are doing our best to be as eco-sensitive as possible. We foresee using organic cotton textile in the future.

Q5] Are all the colours used at Metaphor Racha natural?
MR: Unless specifically mentioned that it is naturally dyed, it is not. We predominantly work in north Karnataka, where the skill of natural dyeing and the amount of water which it requires is a challenge. Hence, we have been using Azo-free VAT dyes and reactive dyes mindfully. While we encourage consumers to opt for Kora (unbleached off-white cotton fabric), we are working towards natural dyes.

Q5] Do you customise to our design and size?
MR: Almost all the designing involved in dyeing, weaving, garment making, printing, and embroidering are done by the craftspeople themselves joyfully, and we do not want to take that away from them. Hence we do not custom design for our consumers.
As of now, we have four sizes ( S, M, L, XL) which most of our clients are comfortable with. If needed, we would introduce a few more sizes. But, our small team in Bengaluru is not armed to custom stitch size-specific garments. But, we can alter the size for you wherever it's possible.

Q6] Do you offer COD?
MR: No, we don't. We have been paying all our crafts-people upfront, on time and equitably. As we consider you as a part of this value chain, we encourage you to follow suit and pay ahead.

Q7] Do you sell wholesale?
MR: Our small-scale business isn't formed around wholesale selling, and as a result, we do not have extra margins for discounting. Nevertheless, we would love to engage with you to collaborate creatively and reach out to a broader audience. Don't hesitate to write to us.

Q8] Do you recommend dry cleaning?
MR: Like any handmade item, our products need care too. But, we do not encourage dry-cleaning. Wash the textile in cold water separately with mild/eco/no detergent and dry it under shade.

Q9] Approximately how many people are employed by Metaphor Racha?
MR: People who are employed permanently with us are 12. They include spinners, weavers, tailors, and office staff. Apart from them, we regularly work with many local block printers, hand embroiderers, and dyers. At any point in time, we are dependent on more than two dozen families for our work.

Q10] Why should I buy from Metaphor Racha?
MR: Buy from us only when there is a need. But remember, Metaphor Racha is just the front-end face of many craftspeople coming together with their design sensibilities, skill, and aspirations. As a small scale business, we are mindful of commercial approach and its economic empowerment of people involved with us. We approach our work foot-on-ground with sensitivity towards the eco-system, sustained effort in popularising 'Handmade in India' and sharing our experience with all of you. We encourage conscious consumer in you, who is aware of the impact of purchasing decision on the environment and consumer health. It's a voluntary simplicity.