Itchy Clothing Labels.

You're strutting down the street, feeling like a runway model, when suddenly you sense an awkward tickle on your waist only to find a label hanging defiantly, making you look like a walking laundry advertisement. 

Cut scene 2: If Dante had explored the circles of hell in search of torment, he might have overlooked the inferno residing within the confines of your collar. Armed with microscopic irritants, these razor-sharp clothing labels have mastered creating an itch that transcends the boundaries of discomfort. It's a cruel game of hide-and-seek; when you think you've outsmarted the itch, it reappears with a vengeance, making you question whether fashion is worth the perpetual scratching ballet.

Let me assure you that these microscopic stitches will resist your attempt at carefully removing them. Imagine you're wrestling with the label, scissors in hand (as you have no time to find the seam rippers), & suddenly, a thread unravels with the force of a confetti cannon. Now, you're not just removing a label; perhaps you're un-weaving the entire garment! 

Those who have braved the exercise & succeeded in removing the label would have witnessed the four holes on the garment resembling the python's bite! 

Do we need labels? The recently amended Rule 6 of the Legal Metrology Rules, 2022, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs lays down the mandatory labelling declarations to be made, such as name, address, customer care number, country of origin, MRP, size, yarn composition, wash care instructions etc.

Just imagine the number of synthetic labels! But worry not; we hand-block-print on 100-count fine fabric in small batches to create non-itchy labels. These are stitched onto the garment not-so-tightly, allowing consumers to remove them if need be. Of course, the name, address, customer care number, & country of manufacturing are written on the package. Meanwhile, the MRP, yarn composition, & wash care instructions are mentioned on our website. 

So, the next time an itchy label decides to wage war on your neck, have a good laugh & know you're not alone in the struggle & wonder if it's high time to book pain-in-the-neck brands under itchy-abuse law.

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