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Buthi: Upcycled Napkins

Buthi: Upcycled Napkins

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Abandoned ambara charaka handspun and handwoven cotton fabrics ranging from 100 to 250 counts in whites and off-whites are sorted, washed, and skillfully tailored into unique art pieces.

Upcycling discarded fabric is time-consuming and often costs more than purchasing a new one. But Metaphor Racha firmly believes upcycling contributes to environmental sustainability, promotes resource conservation, supports local economies, and encourages a shift towards more conscious and responsible consumer behaviour.

Our in-house skilled tailors dedicated dozens of hours to creating these multi-purpose textile pieces for various purposes such as wrapping lunch boxes, gift wrapping, table napkins, bandanas, or to use in any other creative way.

Our inspiration comes from the Korean textile joinery technique called "Pojagi" and the Japanese concept of wrapping Bento lunch boxes in napkins called "Furoshiki"; both involve wrapping cloth to carry and store items.

We have named these one-of-a-kind pieces as "Buthi" (ಬುತ್ತಿ), a term in the local Kannada language that refers to a lunch box. This is a common item farmers and labourers use when working in the fields away from home. We honour and appreciate the dedication and hard work of cotton farmers and farm labourers with every textile product we offer.

These napkins are sold as a set of two. No two napkins look alike. They measure 24"x 24" (61 cms x 61 cms)

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Believing in handmade goes beyond clothing & involves supporting numerous weavers who may not be highly skilled or may be first-generation weavers. These weavers create home-need textile-based products such as towels, napkins, bedspreads, dhurries, throws, & even coarse textiles that can be converted into utilitarian products. In this section, we honour these unsung craftspeople, weaving dreams into the fabric of our living spaces - where comfort meets beauty in every thread.


Colour | Weight

Colour - Shades of white and off-white.

Weight - less than 50 grams

Count - 100 to 250 counts, super lightweight

Care | Ethos

This product is pre-washed. For best results, hand wash in mild/no detergent separately (or with similar colours) & flat dry under the shade or Eco dry clean.

Ambara charaka handspun & handloom cotton textile is also known as - The Fabric of Freedom. Our work employs local craftspeople, involves ethical practices & sustained means of work & the products are eco-sensitive, mindfully made, 100% cotton, austere & have a low carbon footprint...hence it is a statement about your values and life choices.

Shipping | Exchange

We ship within 7 working days after your purchase, after which it should take 3-5 days to reach you within India & 10 to 15 days abroad, depending on the destination Pincode. 

We do not offer refunds on any order placed as most of our products are either made for you or a small batch of exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces. If you wish to exchange for another product or size, do mail us right away & enable us to keep that piece aside for you. The customer has to bear the return cost.

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