* Dichotomy

It was late evening when he received the call. Usually, he doesn't attend unknown numbers after 6.30 pm, but this time he did.

The lady on the other side introduced herself and said she got his number from her friend in the village. Hurriedly, she asked if she could get some work that she could do from home, like quilting or tailoring.

With his further enquiry, she revealed that she and her husband had grown onions this year. It was as big as a light bulb, but unfortunately, untimely heavy rain destroyed their crop, hence the need for work.


* A theory of 4 handkerchiefs

A recent TOI article said the most searched product in Jan 2023 so far is - Hankies. Further, they listed a few amaz(on)ing handkerchiefs to buy from Hexafun, Peter England, Allen Solly, Van Heusen & a few more, priced anywhere between 250rs to 400rs for a pack of 3.

Of course, Khadi handkerchief didn't make it to their prestigious list. So, despite not being allowed to use the trademarked word "Khadi", my self-inflicted moral duty suggests I talk about it.

My research says we have 10 lakh software employees in Bengaluru alone. Though I can validate the numbers I share...

* In-Dependent

It took him 10 hours & 40 minutes to reach the rural hamlet. He had a lot of hope for this women-led weaving cluster, so much so that he had negotiated a few B2B orders for them, & this was the first time he was meeting them.

By the time he finished touring the campus & seeing the improvements, it was time for lunch. His lunch box was ready in the production manager's office, cooked by one of the workers. Not wanting to sit inside the room & eat, he excused himself, went out & sat under a tree.

That's when two...

* Are you authentic?

Hand-drawn pen kalamkari on a beautiful soft flowy pure silk fabric. Kalamkari is a heritage eco-friendly hand-painting ancient craft like Madhubani, Gond, Warli, etc. The exclusive fabric is sourced directly from artisans, hand-crafted & sustainable. Support our Indian artisans.

#kalamkari #heritage #madhubani #gondart #warlipainting #traditionalcrafts #ecofriendly #sustainablefabric

Unfortunately, neither the fabric seen in the photo is authentic kalamkari, nor am I selling it. I lied & tried to convince you into buying digitally printed, kalamkari-looking, synthetic chiffon fabric with a free image, fancy descriptions & hashtags.

Here are some thumb rules before buying craft/textiles online.

1] Having a huge number...

* Not a retail store.

Many customers, especially those from other cities/countries, end up at our doorstep in Frazer town, Bengaluru, thinking we have a retail store. Unfortunately, we don't.

Metaphor Racha does NOT have a retail store.

We moved into this current studio space in July 2019, imagining it could also be a retail space sometime in future. But soon enough, COVID hit us.

Even before covid (BC), we were always dependent on our website sales, & after covid (AC), our working module didn't change drastically, except we decided to cut down on our inventory, create only one sample, photograph them & list them on...