About us

A tryst with the search result of the phrase 'The Indian freedom fabric' results in various terms that attempt to define what ambara charaka handspun and the handwoven cotton fabric are all about…


For us, at metaphor Racha, however, the true search began with an attempt to understand not just as a mere handmade product but to honour the people and the process behind it. A thought that re-kindles the ethos of swaraj to facilitate us to the use and services of our immediate surroundings that culminates into an organic spirit.


Being Ambara Charaka handspun and handwoven cotton fabric enthusiasts, the textile itself translates into a way of life. It is with a sense of pride that we identify ourselves with the character of handmade. The versatility and ease with which this textile lends itself to absorb and enhance the beauty of any local craft into utilitarian merchandise are not only fascinating but a humbling experience.


For us, it is to redefine and rediscover the coarse nature of the fabric that intersperses effortlessly into the warp and weft of our life; a thought inspired by a simple spinning wheel that spun a revolution. In metaphor Racha, it is this spirit we celebrate.


We do believe a mindful commercial approach can not only lead to economic empowerment for ordinary people to become problem solvers but also yields a higher value for a customer than what they spend on it. We request you to be a part of this shared responsibility. We encourage attentive investing, where you are aware of the impact of purchasing decisions on the environment and consumer health. It's a voluntary simplicity.


- Brinda and Ravi kiran.