About us

Metaphor is not merely a literary device; it is a fundamental aspect of human communication that transcends the limitations of literal language. 

At its essence, ಮೆಟಾಫರ್ ರಚ metaphor racha is about more than just making. It's about creating meaning, about infusing our words with layers of significance that reach beyond the surface. In a world where the tangible often takes precedence & quantifiable results are valued above all else, metaphor reminds us of the power of nuance, subtlety, introspectivity & the unknown. 


While the act of crafting through skill & labour is admirable in its own right, this act alone cannot fully capture the essence of what it means to create. There is a reason behind a creation, hidden connections, a spark of inspiration that transcends the mere act of making & deeper meanings in everyday life.

In our journey, the principles behind the "Fabric of Freedom" interested us, & the search result of the phrase attempted to define what the material handspun & handwoven cotton fabric is all about…

For us, the search aimed to understand it not merely as a product but to honour the people & the process behind it. A thought that re-kindles the ethos of swaraj to facilitate us to the use & services of our immediate surroundings that culminates into an organic spirit.

For us, it is to redefine & rediscover the pride in labour, the coarse nature of the fabric, or the tactility of handmade that intersperses effortlessly into the warp & weft of our daily lives. At Metaphor Racha, it is this spirit we celebrate.

Our sub-brand ವಿವಿಧ Vividha, meaning Kaleidoscope in the local language, Kannada, reflects the endless potential found regionally & serves as a metaphor for the handmade sector & views Karnataka through the lens of the diverse skills of the local crafts community.

We believe in a mindful commercial approach that can lead to economic empowerment for ordinary people to become problem solvers & yield a higher value for a customer than what they spend on it. We encourage attentive investing, where your purchasing decisions impact the environment & consumer health. 

 It's a shared responsibility & a voluntary simplicity.

- Brinda & Ravi.