* Upcycled textile.

At Metaphor Racha, we regularly look into the aspect of what is waste and how do we tackle it? Where does it start and whose responsibility is it? and so on...

Often waste is calculated by the number of garments discarded in a period of time. But, if you look into the number of 'people and hours' involved in growing the cotton, employees at ginning and slivering, spinners, dyers, printers, weavers, tailors, and many more people, you realize wasting cannot be an option.

As a waste-conscious brand, we have been addressing the issue at different stages, right from the yarn to how the garment is designed efficiently to tackle the fabric waste. We not only keep aside every small bit of textile but also have been buying small pieces of unsold ambara charaka spun and hand-woven cotton fabric from various co-operative societies in Karnataka. .

These bits and pieces are color segregated lovingly and stitched together by our skilled tailors to make a running piece of 'one of a kind' fabric, after which this up-cycled fabric is cut and made into garments. The remaining fabric from this is once again converted into small home-need products making us one of the most 'consciously made clothing' brands.

Because of the zero-wastage process, the product which you buy could be different from the image shown. Every single product will not only have different shades but also different joinery, hence each piece is unique, original, and made for you.

We have made sure the effort which goes into weaving every single centimeter of this fabric by our rural craftspeople is honored and not wasted. We sincerely hope that our purpose appeals to you and you will support us in our attempt to repurpose what is considered 'waste fabrics'.
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