* The Fourth Angle.

At times I feel urban living itself isn't sustainable. As we aren't capable of being naked & foraging for food in the forest, let's at least be conscious of what & how we consume.

Small intentional choices can lead to sustainable coexistence, though making these changes requires crossing the Sahara desert between intent & action. It's a slow progress, finding oasis of possibilities in our journey without getting trapped in the mirage of jargon.

Understandably, complex problems can't have simple solutions, as they may have to do with the Govt policies, & society at large, yet, it's worthwhile to focus on individual efforts & not necessarily on the outcome.

Sustainability is not an "activity" like recycling a dress or using steel straws, but a multifaceted concept that involves the mindful consumption of food (Roti), clothing (Kapada), housing (Makaan) & perhaps the most important fourth angle - the deliberation (Vichaar).

Roti - It's almost impossible to expect every kitchen ingredient to be organic. Go beyond organic certificates & buy from local/weekly markets. Growing two tomatoes on your balcony doesn't make you a farmer. Try eating what your grandparents can recognise as food.

Kapada - A cloth bag with excessive purchases of eco-friendly clothes getting wasted is worse than buying a pair of denim once a decade. Buy less, pay better, shop local, know where you invest, & encourage honest businesses. Your next best purchase is already in your cupboard.

Makaan - Keep your home clutter-free & surroundings clean. Eco-house filled with energy-guzzling gadgets or living amidst nature & travelling two dozen kilometres to the office is illogical. Weigh your pros & cons, & rely on common sense.

Vichaar - Before consuming any news, articulate well & research both sides of any story. Be politically aware of policies. Democracy does not end at voting, but it starts there. The best sustainable practices involve love, tolerance, justice, & being helpful towards fellow humans regardless of religion and gender. Care for animals, not just your pets. Travel consciously.

Before advising others, be mindful, & align your thoughts, speech, & actions at home.
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