* Kora

Kora meaning raw and unbleached fabric, off-white in color.

By definition, off-white means a color, such as cream or bone, consisting of white mixed with a tinge of brown, grey or with a pale hue


We, at Metaphor Racha, prefer to describe it as 'the color of cotton boll' in all its purity and unbleached!  Hence, this very nature of kora cotton fabric is a symbol of simplicity, contentment, eternal, and nature's best.

Products made from our ambara charaka spun and hand-woven kora cotton in its purest form have no harsh chemical dye, hence requires a negligible amount of energy, resulting in a less harmful way of producing textiles. (If at all, when the least amount of color  is used, they are Azo-free and as a design element ).


As this simple yet significant Kora fabric can be hand-woven by a not-so-skilled weaver, it encourages a new generation of rural craftspeople to involve in hand-weaving. The textural beauty of Kora also renders itself in supporting auxiliary craft like hand block-printing or hand-embroidery..


We request you to join us in communicating the beauty in simplicity. .


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