* Khadiness

Recently, a potential customer asked me " do you wear khadi all the time? " Head to toe and inside-out!


Though what I wear is immaterial, the question seems to be somewhat justified as I am in the business of selling products made from handspun and handwoven cotton fabric and talking about its importance.

The answer is no, not all the time and definitely not inside, yet.

While we are at discussing the 'material' khadi, let me tell you, I prefer to respect rural craftsperson in synthetic clothing than a corrupt person in a khadi kurta. But if we challenge ourselves to understand the spirit behind khadi and move away from the material view, there are innumerable possibilities to adopt "khadiness" in every walk of life.

Simply put, as I understand, khadiness is mindfulness.

It's a mindful way of consumption. How much and from where we consume our clothing needs, what kind of food we consume, how and where we travel, how cautiously we could consume our natural resources, and even what kind of information/news do we consume.

Basically a mindful way of living with an awareness that what consumes our mind, controls our life.

So, using khadi as much as possible could be one of the simplest and easiest ways to start amending our clothing consumption and understanding khadiness.

So, what kind of consumer are you?

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