* Jahota print.

Jahota is a small town, 30 kilometers north of Jaipur.  The craft of Jahota print flourished under the patronage of Maharaja Jai Singh and his wife. There is not enough documentation on either how and why Jahota print was practiced in that village or its migration to Bagru.

Simply put, Jahota print as practiced today is a combination of Syahi-Begar and Dabu.

Once the process of Syahi-Begar print is finished and washed, the Dabu mud-resist print is also done on the same fabric and dyed in indigo.

A permutation of 4 colors in Syahi begar (red, black, brown, and maroon) with the combination of dyeing in indigo, turmeric, alizarine, nashpal, and harda can give an amazing variety of print possibilities. As this technique is an overtly long process and hence reflects on the cost of making, this craft is not as popular as it should be. 

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