Over the last few years, we have been asked a lot of questions about our pricing, sizing, shipping, paying, selling, helping, connecting and etc., and we realized it's time to compile few of our FAQs and present it to you. We apologize for the length of this article. The Q&A is in random order.

1] Question: PP?

Answer: Every single product image which we upload on our social media will also have a website-link of the product in the description. We request you to check the pricing and rest of the important information about the product on our e-commerce site. As a habit, we do not reply to PP.


2] Question: If I come to your store, will the MRP be the same?

Answer: We do not have any retail store (yet). Every business requires a registered address, hence, the address what you see on our website or on Google is our residence. At home, the products are not displayed in a way where we can serve you in a professional manner. The price of our product is the same both on our website and exhibits. It's what we call as universal pricing.


3] Question: Why are your products so expensive? Considering it's after all khadi.

Answer: We are sorry that you find our products expensive. There is a lot of thought which goes behind the pricing, you can read more about it on our blog. We try and sell our products from our website with minimum overheads with the belief that not only paying our craftspeople fairly is important but also to be fair with our pricing to our end consumers.  

Weaving khadi fabric and converting them into different urban utilitarian products is labor intensive and it reflects on our MRP. Please be aware that many individuals/brands who sell fake khadi/craft can afford to sell for a very competitive price and we lose out on that front.

We normally suggest you buy less, buy locally, from small brands which stand for authenticity, and ask questions before you indulge. After all, how and where you spend money reflects on your values and life choices. 


4] Question: Do you use natural dyes? and is cotton organic?

Answer: A small section of our textile is yarn dyed using natural colors (especially Indigo). We always specify if its natural dye or otherwise in our product description. As we predominantly work in north Karnataka region which has the scarcity of water [to indulge in natural dyes] and also has lost the skill for natural dyeing, we make do with VAT dyes. Though these chemical dyes are considered to be one of the safest, we use colors cautiously and only where it's required. Our cotton is not organic (yet) but the rest of the work is.


5] Question: Is COD available on your website?

Answers: Sorry to disappoint you, but no. We accept debit card, credit card, few UPI options, NEFT transfer and etc., If you need some time to bank transfer the amount, do message and let us know, we will be glad to keep aside the product (for some time) which you intend to eventually buy.


6] Question: Can you provide me with few addresses and phone numbers of khadi weavers?

Answer: We not only appreciate more people investing in hand-produce but also in more brands showing interest in khadi. Unfortunately, we are not in the business of providing address/phone numbers of any khadi institutes. Every state capital has both KVIB and KVIC offices where we suggest you enquire.


7] Question: I want to buy from your website, but can't wait to wear it. How soon can I receive the parcel?

Answer: Any purchase made before 12noon will be shipped on the same day and the purchase after that will be sent the next working day. Keep in mind, we are producers ourselves and not any e-commerce aggregators, so, all the inventory which you see on our website is already ready to be sent. We have partnered with India post (speed post) for all our shipping purpose who are not reliable but also reasonable. You should be able to receive the parcel within 2-4 working days within India and 10-14 days to most parts of the world.


8] Question: Which khadi institute do you guys belong to and do you sell fabrics?

Answer: Metaphor racha is a proprietorship owned company and does not own any khadi institute. We have always believed in partnering with existing khadi production units. We work with very few khadi sanghas and hence our production capacity is very humble. It's just enough for our own consumption, hence we do not sell textile.


9] Question: Why can't you make my size? (XXS, XS, XL, XXL...) Do you take orders?

Answer: Our clothing range comes in 3 sizes...Small, Medium and Large. With many years of experience in this business, we have tried to understand and then formed a size range which could accommodate many Indian women. Unfortunately, as a small brand, having more than 3 sizes is an inventory nightmare. Though we have an in-house tailoring facility, the systems which have developed for 'design and production' is such that it's difficult to customize.


10] Questions: I don't know how to decide on the size of the garment on your website. If it doesn't fit, can I return it?

Answers: Apart from the sizes which we have mentioned on the "size chart" section (which is basically the body measurement), every product description carries the "garment measurement" as well. We suggest you measure any of your garment which fits you well and compare it with our sizes. Keep in mind that our garments are more of comfort wear. In spite of this, if you have a problem with the size, you are most welcome to exchange it to a different size, but we do not entertain returns.


11] Question: I run a boutique / an online portal, can you provide us with your products (or even just the images of it) for resellers and what's the markdown?

Answers: Our business module is not built around providing our products to resellers on a consignment basis, instead we try to reach out to consumers directly. Having said that, if you are willing to purchase our products, please mail us with your requirement. Please keep in mind that we have not burdened our customers by including the re-sellers margin. Hence, the discount we offer to you as B2B is minimum.


12]Question: I wanted to clarify about a product and hence tried messaging and calling you yesterday night but I guess you guys are busy and not interested in selling!

Answers: We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Be informed, our website works 24/7 but not us. We will be happy to talk to you between 10 am and 6 pm. In fact, with  experience we suggest you message us (benefit being, you can send us the screenshots and code number of our product and we, in turn, can send you the relevant links) and we will get back to you at the earliest.


13] Question: Can I wash the printed muslin sari in the washing machine?

Answer: All our products are pre-shrunk. Unless specified, you don't need to dry clean. We suggest you hand wash our products separately or with similar colors in cold water with mild/no detergents and dry it under shade.


14] Question: Why isn't shipping free?

Answer: The products which we sell are anywhere between a pair of napkin which weighs 50 grams to a quilt which would weigh 2 kilograms!  Over the years we have tried understanding the buying pattern within the country and hence we charge 150 rupees immaterial of your purchase volume. We try to be transparent in charging extra for shipping instead of adding it in our MRP and then claiming to be free shipping!

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