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Like some of you, the past eight months has been a hibernation and have been looking forward to sunshine. Over the years, brightness has come to me in the form of people. One such bright young man is Vijaya krishnappa of Kosha designs who visited me recently. He is also the soberest Einstein amongst my friends.

 Apart from being a technologically advanced human being, he is also a barefoot runner and an activist, promoter, and user of all things handmade.

 In our recent rendezvous, apart from discussing his passion towards a technology-based solution which enables authentication of handloom, he drew my attention to what generally athletes/runners wear.

 Usually, a poly blended tee-shirt/vest and shorts. I understand, thousands of runners take part in more than a dozen marathon in a good year and usually run for a cause. The cause could be, save the lake, save the forest, or save the environment. But, what they end up wearing is what is handed out to them as freebies by big companies having their sponsored logos with 'vest'ed interest and generally poly-blend.

Can't the tee-shirts and vests at least be of hand-woven fabric? Imagine not only one can promote Indian handmade textile but also the cause of your choice - two causes in one run!

Thanks to my friend for the idea and design, we now have 33 counts Ambara Charaka spun and hand-woven, unbleached kora cotton vests in various sizes for men.

Disin'vest' on polyester, har'vest' your inner Handmade-in-India self, in'vest' in our vests and use them while running, exercising, meditating, while doing yoga, as sleepwear, or as a sleeveless tee-shirt under your jacket/open shirt.

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