* The label itch

Have you ever bought a beautiful garment and when worn you realized it has an invisible razor blade at the back !! 

Well , i am talking about the labels here . I have noticed most often whether you are buying a garment which costs you 10,000.00 rs or 1,000.00 rs the label remains the same and i am not talking about the design , font or the name on the label  but the quality of the label itself . 

Even brands / designers who have dedicated line of clothing in organic cotton , handwoven fabric end up using a synthetic label . In our industry where everything is moving towards machinery [ electric run sewing machines is a different topic for some other time ] there is a new method of cutting these synthetic labels . First the labels are either machine woven or screen printed , then they are individually cut with the help of hot wires making things much worse .These labels are sewn on the garments with so much care that any attempt of yours to remove these will put your DIY skills to shame .  

At metaphor racha , we use hand-spun and hand woven khadi muslin fabric for label which are hand block printed where you can see the logo , size and the place of origin . We have restricted using these labels only on garments and not on any other product of ours . 

Which brings me to the point , is label necessary at all ? I would really appreciate if you can write to me at info@metaphorracha.com with your thoughts . Your suggestion and comfort is very important to us . 


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