BLOG — sustainable design

* Effort, not wasted.

At Metaphor Racha, we have been using hand block printing as a craft for many years now. Not only do we have our exclusive wooden blocks, but we also use those blocks that are old, chipped, discarded, and orphaned, respecting the 'unknown block maker'.

Before laying the textile/saree on the table for printing, a thick cotton cloth, locally called "Achada", is laid on the table. This 'Achada' acts as a safety layer, absorbing the excess colour from the printing so that the colour paste/liquid doesn't seep into the wooden table.

Depending on the amount of work, every 3 to 4...

* Small business - Big impact.

What is a small business? 
It differs from one region to the other, often it's about the number, just like our age (irrelevant) but always treated as insignificant and seldom looked at as coming of community. In the context of craft, it's about attitude and personal value. It's the attitude of taking the risk, innovating and having a core value of preserving local hand-making methods. Here are some of the reason why it's worth encouraging small business.  
1]Small social enterprises can contribute to the local economy by bringing people-centric growth...

* Sustainable design.

I have always been intrigued by the use of the word #sustainability in various platforms by the members of our design community. Though the word sustainable is used fashionably as a business module, its seldom taken seriously in the design process.   

So what is sustainable design? 

According to wikipedia... The intention of sustainable design is to eliminate negative environmental impact completely through skillful and sensitive design.It requires renewable...