* Ways To Engage At Exhibits.

1] Attending exhibitions can be a great way to support the brands you believe in. If you like what a particular brand stands for, show your support by liking, commenting, & sharing their invitation with your family, & friends, and on social media.

2] When meeting new entrepreneurs, it's important to keep in mind that they may not be fluent in your language. Many entrepreneurs struggle with social & communication skills, so be kind & accommodating.

3] If you have the opportunity, ask if the entrepreneur needs any assistance with ordering food, picking up or dropping off items, translation, water bottles, packing, etc. A little help can go a long way in making their day easier.

4] Exhibitions are a great way for brands to showcase their work & connect with their audience. Don't be afraid to ask questions, feel the texture of fabrics, try on garments, & drape sarees without feeling pressured to make a purchase.

5] Exhibition stalls are not self-service kiosks. Request the stall in charge to show you your preferred size/colour. Be sure to try on garments carefully to avoid staining them. Get the saree/garment back from the changing room, including hangers.

6] Attend conversations or seminars held by entrepreneurs, if possible with your partner/spouse. These events are a great way to learn about the people & processes behind their work. Get permission before taking any photos or videos.

7] Brands & consumers are not separate entities. Both are non-hierarchical important links in the value chain. Exhibits should be viewed as social events, rather than just trading platforms. One can appreciate the work of entrepreneurs at no cost.

8] It's worthwhile to analyse, who the exhibition organisers are & their qualifications to curate. How are the stalls charged & in what way it's helping craft? Seek & you shall find.

9] Exhibits are not only a great place to shop for mindfully made products as gifts but also a significant space to expose your children to art, handicrafts & handmade textiles.

10] Always insist on price tags & bills. If you can afford it, consider investing in the brand. Remember, it's never appropriate to bargain. Carry your bag. Buy if needed. Let the purchasing decision be only yours.
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