* Unlikely

Unlike manmade new age fibers, cotton is grown by many local farmers.

Unlike BT Cotton, naturally grown indigenous cotton can withstand harsh climatic changes.

Unlike huge mills churning out yarn, hand spinning can employ many rural women.

Unlike power-loom, the handwoven fabric is energy efficient.

Unlike harsh chemical dyes, natural/Azo-free dyes are more eco-friendly.

Unlike digital/machine technology, hand block printing and hand embroidery are sustainable heritage crafts.

Unlike imported textile, locally made textile boosts the economy.

Unlike huge businesses, small business has a better wealth distribution system.

Unlike big retail chain stores, local vendors have a better understanding of culture and craft.

Unlike many industries in developed countries, a major part of our employment in rural India comes either from farming or the handmade-craft sector.

But the viewpoint of our government's tax policies on local and small businesses supporting green-craft is the same as any other big pollutant business. As long as this viewpoint does not change, sustainable and meaningful economic growth in our country is unlikely.

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