* What is Swadeshi?

Considering the age at which we are living & the belief system of the Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, which some of us have, Swadeshi goods, on a face value, sounds a bit materialistic. As the world has become small, & the disparity big, perhaps, M.K. Gandhi's interpretation of Swadeshi is more relevant now than ever.

*Swadeshi is not about rejecting anything foreign just because it's foreign.

*Swadeshiness has enough room for foreign goods to come here, which cannot or need not be manufactured in India & which are of benefit to the people. But to use foreign articles & rejecting those made in India is an unnecessary indulgence.

*Swadeshi is not a cult of hatred people, nor it discriminates between India & the rest of the world.

*Swadeshi duty is to support, guide & serve local craftsmen & their produce.

*The Swadeshi idea needs to be implemented in our nation's economic & industrial life instead of borrowed ideas from abroad.

*Swadeshi is not a boycott movement of revenge. Boycott means punishing the wrongdoer, which leads to unwanted anger.

*Swadeshiness can be practised by organisations & individuals.

*The Swadeshi principle is to be duty-bound to support those in need.

*Swadeshi is a constructive revolution in mind, & boycotting is temporary.

*Swadeshist will live with minimal needs.

*Swadeshiness is a process which strengthens as it progresses.

*Swadeshiness is independent of religion, class & culture.

*Swadeshiness offers an opportunity to sacrifice the unwanted & allows us to self-examine.

*Swadeshi's concept can lead us to a self-reliant & self-respecting nation.

*Swadeshiness is for the determined & not for the lazy.

*Swadeshi provides work to all faculties.
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