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When the cotton is grown without harsh chemicals and fertilizers, not only more landmass becomes organically fertile but also helps in reducing the production of chemicals in factories. In turn, it improves the health of the producer and buyer. Organic farming supports you.

During the spinning of cotton either by hand or with marginal energy, the yarn produced or the textile made with it on locally made wooden looms, requires nil energy. This handmade industry decreases fossil fuel exploitation. So, nature and energy are conserved better to support you.

The handmade sector employs many unseen hands, and weaving requires the work of an entire family. With more work and better remuneration, the craftspeople stay back in their village/town instead of migrating to bigger cities. Reduction in urban poverty and negating the imbalance of the population in bigger cities is how a rural craft can support you.

The craft industry consists of 70% women employees. A majority of home-based work not only empowers rural women monetarily but also engages them in decision making. Building a healthy society ultimately supports you.

Traditional embroidery, prints and painting generally tell folklore. The method of storytelling through craft is not only aesthetically unique but also one of the ways to document history, hence, these craftspeople, the guardians of our heritage, educate and support us.

Unlike big businesses, small local brands offer you diverse varieties of handmade products. The economy is more evenly spread. Hence, apart from clocking a lower carbon footprint, there are lesser chances of economic volatility that ultimately supports you.

Despite policy paralysis and challenging times, the craft sector is not defunct, on the contrary, craftspeople are raring to work and craftmanship is still thriving in our country under adversity. Hence, the handmade industry, at this juncture, wants you to simply be there, with a bit of care and a noble gesture of buying when required.

When you nurture craft, you will always receive more than what you have paid for. This support that you receive from a handmade product is seldom visible, just like a blessing.
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