* Small business - Big impact.

What is a small business? 
It differs from one region to the other, often it's about the number, just like our age (irrelevant) but always treated as insignificant and seldom looked at as coming of community. In the context of craft, it's about attitude and personal value. It's the attitude of taking the risk, innovating and having a core value of preserving local hand-making methods. Here are some of the reason why it's worth encouraging small business.  
1]Small social enterprises can contribute to the local economy by bringing people-centric growth to the rural craft community on which the business is built. 
2]Many small businesses also adapt quickly to the changing economic climates because they are often people-oriented. 
3]Small businesses accumulate less revenue and lesser overheads than larger companies, meaning we have less to lose in times of economic crisis. 
4]Without underestimating the cost of running the business, we measure our success through non-financial goals. 
5]Small and responsible business tend to target the base of the pyramid without championing the disruptive business model of low price, low margin, high volume strategy. 
6]Most small businesses cannot sustain considerable working-capital investments in their unnatural marketing, hoarding inventory and sales growth, and hence the operational capacities are always humble. 
7]Small business leads to other small business because of an understanding of plateau in scaling hand-made produce. It eventual creates and offers choice.
8]As most of the small business is entrepreneurial driven, you know the person behind it. He/she tends to do their best for their customers as every single of them matter. 
9]The product offered by a small business is the reflection of the person behind it and hence what they sell as a solution is always original/unique.
10] Small business owners working on the grass-root level offer real stories of people and various processes behind the products better. 
When you encourage a small business, you support someone's dream. Your purchase can directly impact the individual - the family - and the community at large. 



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