* Questions about Khadi.

I recently stumbled upon a keyword tool that assembles questions/google searches in interrogative pronouns. And I happened to find a list of questions that are khadi-related. I am attempting to answer some of them.


1) When: When was KVIC started?

KVIC was started in 1957 by the Indian government under the 'Khadi and village industries commission act of 1956'. It is an apex body under the MSME ministry, which seeks to - plan, promote, facilitate, organize & assist in the establishment & development of khadi & village industries. 


2) Can: Can Khadi shrink? 

During the spinning & weaving process, cotton fibres go through starching, straightening, twisting, & pulling. With washing, the cotton fibres get relaxed & the yarn comes closer, resulting in 3% - 4% of shrinkage. 


3) Where: Where is khadi made in India?

Khadi is woven pan India.


4) How: How old is khadi?

Hand spinning/weaving have been around for 1000s of years, thus, making the craft of khadi ancient. The Indus valley civilization (2800 B.C.) had a well-developed tradition of textiles, spinning & weaving tools of that era are found. 


5) Which: Which khadi shampoo is best?

There isn't any 'khadiness' about shampoo, except this village industry product is branded under the name 'khadi'. Hence, choose your shampoo depending on your budget, hair texture, & ingredients. 


6) Who: Who invented khadi?

Though the skill of hand-spinning/weaving existed for 1000s of years, it was only in 1917 that M K Gandhi saw the potential to use it as a tool for the swadeshi movement. 


7) Why: Why did khadi become a symbol of nationalism?

In India, hand spinning had disappeared by the early 19th century as a result of the industrial revolution and colonialism. However, in the 1910s, M K Gandhi played a critical role & believed this fabric could aid in India's independence struggle. Hence, khadi has not only gained the status of nationalism but also as a morally desirable product.


8) What: What's khadi in English?

It's 'Khadi' in all languages. As per the Oxford dictionary - "Khadi is an Indian cloth made by hand using natural materials".


9) Are: Are khadi products natural? 

It can be, but in most cases, it isn't.


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