* Not a retail store.

Many customers, especially those from other cities/countries, end up at our doorstep in Frazer town, Bengaluru, thinking we have a retail store. Unfortunately, we don't.

Metaphor Racha does NOT have a retail store.

We moved into this current studio space in July 2019, imagining it could also be a retail space sometime in future. But soon enough, COVID hit us.

Even before covid (BC), we were always dependent on our website sales, & after covid (AC), our working module didn't change drastically, except we decided to cut down on our inventory, create only one sample, photograph them & list them on our website, & thereafter produce only against the order. Hence, except few sarees, towels, & napkins, you won't find any clothing items in our workshop. Also, as I travel extensively for work, both mine & as a consultant, & with me not being around, I feel it's inappropriate to run a store.

The current space is our workshop, where we not only have serious brainstorming sessions on fabric, fit, fall, & finish of the garments with our tailors, but also a laboratory where we experiment with different kinds of dyeing, washing, sampling, embroidery technique, & pattern-making.

Our place is also a studio, where we not only take images of all the samples & document them but also act as a learning space where many friends network, come together & discuss almost everything related to our industry.

Our space is a fulfilment area where we pack & ship, an accounts department where all expenses are maintained, & a godown where thread, yarn, textile, & finished products are stored & inventory maintained.

Ours is also an entertainment space where our team reviews movies, discusses which movie star has to lose weight & the importance of the right kind of chilly in mirchi-bajji.

As a registered establishment, transparency in address is mandatory, & google seems to capture it well. We are legit. This is also the address where our customers can ship the parcel back for exchanges if any.

So yes, we do NOT have retail space, but you can shop from us online, in pyjamas, avoiding traffic, even in the middle of the night, from the comfort of your home.


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