* Nostalgic smell.

We have been using easily available natural materials as an insect repellent at our studio and we are happy with the results. Hence, we thought of sharing it with you today.

Ingredients: Camphor, Clove, Cardamom peel, and Sweet flag.

Make sure, these ingredients do not touch your clothing directly. Place all of them on a small piece of muslin cloth and tie them into pouches and place them in your wardrobe or bookshelves. These pouches also act as a natural air purifier in the surroundings of your home/office. Replace the content of these pouches once in 4-5 weeks.

CAMPHOR keeps bed bugs and silverfish away. CLOVE acts as a cockroach repellent. CARDAMOM PEEL has disinfectant and anti-odor properties. SWEET FLAG keeps mites/termites away.

Avoid mothballs/naphthalene balls ( in spite of having a nostalgic smell ) as they slowly turn from solids to toxic vapor. When you smell mothballs, you are inhaling the insecticide.

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Google link: https://bit.ly/2GUDS6m

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