* Energy suf(ef)ficiency .

As the world is moving towards green energy , greener pastures and the color green literally [ pantone color of the year 2017 ] I felt its time to understand what it means and look within our clothing industry . Let me confess , i am not an expert in green energy but would like to talk about what we do at metaphor racha .
Textile : We use only khadi fabric which requires negligible amount of energy to weave . These fabrics are woven locally , hence reducing a major amount of carbon footprint in transporting the raw material and finished products long distances . Though we use VAT dyes , the yarn is dyed manually outdoor in small quantities using less water . We do not bleach our fabrics , subject to fancy washes or over-dye the textile/garment  . 
Sewing :  We use manually powered sewing machines instead of electrical run . These machines are easy to use by any non mechanical minded person . These heavy machines are produced locally and built to last ,as we place high premium on self sufficiency, these machines can be repaired by our tailors if needed . We work from a second floor well lit and ventilated place and hence rarely use lights/fans .
We have been trying our best to be energy efficient and we know we have a long way to go . If you have any ideas / suggestions for us to further improve please write to us at info@metaphorracha.com , we will be happy to oblige . 
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