* A theory of 4 handkerchiefs.

A recent TOI article said the most searched product in Jan 2023 so far is - Hankies. Further, they listed a few amaz(on)ing handkerchiefs to buy from Hexafun, Peter England, Allen Solly, Van Heusen & a few more, priced anywhere between 250rs to 400rs for a pack of 3.

Of course, Khadi handkerchief didn't make it to their prestigious list. So, despite not being allowed to use the trademarked word "Khadi", my self-inflicted moral duty suggests I talk about it.

My research says we have 10 lakh software employees in Bengaluru alone. Though I can validate the numbers I share with you, the rest of the theory requires your creative imagination.

Imagine Bengaluru's software employees decide to buy 4 Khadi handkerchiefs a year. A set of 4 hankies is almost a meter in length, so we are staring at a consumption of 10 lakh meters of khadi fabric a year.

A handloom weaver can weave 5 meters a day, so, in 300 working days of a year, (s)he can weave 1500 meters. To complete the production of 10 lakh meters a year, we need 667 full-time weavers. So wonderful to imagine, right!?

Let me not bother you by adding the number of "invisible" cotton farmers, farm labourers, & one dozen auxiliary employees whom you might accidentally sustain by purchasing 4 hankies.

Before you could ask me the intent behind choosing software employees, let me list the reasons, (1) It was easy to get the number of employees in an organised sector, (2) the highest tax-payers & economic flag bearers of Bengaluru should also avail the goodness of khadi, (3) those who think of value-for-money should buy khadi hankies which cost lesser 'bucks' than a foreign branded coffee (4) a simple act of mindful purchase can also be a corporate social responsibility, (5) due to strict corporate dress-code, a khadi hankie can hide inside the suit pocket/purse, (6) you can act your wage. Got it?

But no pressure. Like I said earlier, it's only a theory, & there's no need to buy.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by any khadi sangha or KVIC. At Metaphor Racha, we don't sell products using the word 'Khadi'.


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